Saturday, February 07, 2009

All of a sudden

Today, there are sheaves and sheaves of Avalanche, Minnow, and Grand Primo. We have a couple of Carltons, one Ice Follies, and one mystery Carlton-like flower but with two distinct shades of yellow. We have our first red anemones. There are flowers that are like paperwhites (long and pointy perianth parts) but that are not white, but two tones of yellow. That's what's new, except that I heard the whip-poor-will myself last night. It has been such a long time. Poor birds; the light pollution is so bad these days. The light doesn't seem to bother the screech owl and barred owl that we've seen and heard lately; I suppose it's a toss-up for them as between loss of tree habitat and disturbance of rats' habitations.


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