Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This may be the peak day for Avalanche, Grand Primo, and Montopolis narcissi from Bastrop. There are also many handsome clumps medium-sized daffodils in the midst of the lawn in Mack's yard. They're of three kinds: Ice Follies, Carlton, and a two-tone yellow that's very much like Carlton. We can see another of about that size starting to unfurl to reveal quite an orange cup, a mystery. There are three colors of anemone: red with a white ring, bluish-white, and fuchsia. There are two Dutch hyacinths blooming, one fuchsia and one blue. This morning there are many more lantana flowers, despite the fact that most of the plants, what with cold and, recently, wind, are practically denuded of leaves. Fennell is blooming.


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