Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I found a partial discography for this NYC record label, new to me. We've been enjoying SCLP-9278, heard for the first time, although purchased very cheaply in a big carton of mystery LPs some time ago. This is called "Sones Cubanos: Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro." All but the first track of lado A are in very good condition. The sones are listed as Habanero, bolero, guijira, guaracha, capricho, and pregon. The rhythms are irresistible, and the trumpet or player (unnamed) is outstanding. I don't know when this LP was issued or in what era or location the recordings were actually made. A search finds recorded music in the form of CDs and MP3 downloads. Apparently, at one time Celia Cruz (La Guarachera) recorded for Seeco (from an on-line entry about Sidney Siegel). Here's a track list from a CD reissue. Amazon shows another CD reissue that includes the ten tracks on the original LP, plus additional ones.


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