Monday, May 27, 2002

There's no place for a parade in Austin on this day. No! the streets must be closed instead for a triathlon. So we listened to several hours of the complete Sousa marches, now out on five CDs for over seventy bucks--we listened to our old vinyl. K made his first potato salad and tired of Sousa before I did. Every radio station was playing crap. Earlier there'd been a Mozart requiem on KMFA, but they'd turned to flupes and clarineps, so we turned to old-school hiphop on KAZI. Until yesterday, this past week or so has been very good for broadcast music. We heard Regine Crespin sing Debussy and Ravel art songs; we heard all of Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi for the first time and loved it, and Paul Ray devoted a lot of time to Sun Ra. For some reason, he and the Solar Arkestra used to be on TV live a lot of the time somewhere we lived.


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