Saturday, August 31, 2002

Katz's was evidently a hit with the principal visiting fireman. I forget what he ordered other than Cel-Ray or cream soda and creamed spinach. M. and K. went wild over pickles and cole slaw, and K. did his turkey sandwich on challah with gravy. I had never been there in the daytime. Always before it had been at three in the morning, or thereabouts. As ever, it was potato pancakes for me. All tables were taken at about eleven in the morning. It was great to be useful during the move. After lengthy debate and ruling out Death Dot Com, the younger contingent went to the Paramount to see 2001 for the the first time and the elder arrived too early for the Israeli matchmaking movie and so watched Ma femme est une actrice. Terence Stamp was a scene-stealer, and the fantasy of smashing a wheel of brie into his face, thereby interrupting his tai chi session, was a winner.


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