Friday, August 30, 2002

When the request was for "Italian," my mind went blank, except for all the places I did not want to go (e.g., Basil's, Carmelo's, Vespiao on the Friday night of a football weekend, etc., etc.), but luckily K. thought of Tree House Italian Grill. By this time, it must have been nearly ten o'clock. There was a wait and, as ever in the restaurant biz, there was a lie about when a table would be ready. Though the temps were still near-blistering, even the outdoor tables were filled. Whatever the house red was, it was more than acceptable. (Dim lighting doesn't help a person like me read a thing.) All the night's specials, including the fish of the day, were sold out. The four diners made themselves happy with sea trout, salmon, canneloni filled with spinach and I don't know what, and veal piccata. It's great to know that an untrendy, unheralded neighborhood dining establishment offering good value continues to do well in a location where so many businesses have failed.


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