Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Polygonia interrogationis

The first question mark butterfly of the season was around late in the day. The attraction was probably fallen loquats. There are gulf fritillaries at all stages. The first verbascum and firewheel blossoms have appeared. Poppies still open. What are probably the last three narcissi are of two kinds, both mysteries, both medium in size, one type with a peachy trumpet and the other with a yellow, hoopy cup. Shirley and Iceland poppies are just ahead of the heat. The very doubled, creamy oleander is blanketed in blooms. The original pink oleander has succumbed entirely to the blight, but a couple of its offspring are about to bloom and seem to be fine, at least for the time being. We saw a medium-sized butterfly that had very delicate antennae. It rested on a pecan leaf. With its wings folded, it almost matched the color of this recently opened foliage. With its wings open, its color was very pale, almost white, tending toward greenish. It was not any kind of cabbage or sulphur butterfly. We had never seen it before. K. sees lots of great crested flycatchers over east; we hear warblers but have not yet seen any.


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