Saturday, December 01, 2007

Two stations at once

On Saturday mornings, if there's a radio nearby it must be tuned to KVET 98.1-fm to listen t country gold, from very early until 10 o'clock or so. This morning, it was especially great to hear The Streets of Bakersfield and also Claudette. But from 9 to 10, the radio must be tuned to KOOP 91.7-fm. It would have been a shame to miss some great Teddy Wilson playing Rosetta and also These Foolish Things, with a vocal by Billie Holiday, and several tracks from Heliotrope Bouquet, one of my favorite, favorite LPs (Nonesuch H-71257), because I love the contemplative tempo. Both these stations stream. Sometimes, radio is what makes me glad to live here; music always sounds more real when broadcast or played on a jukebox than it does straight from the recording, in whatever form.


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