Sunday, February 15, 2009

Under cloudy skies

Everything creamy or yellow looks especially beautiful on a morning like this. There have been warbler sounds this past week, but no sightings. We have lots and lots of flowers from Ice Follies, Carlton, and various other medium-sized daffodils. Our small narcissi (Grand Primo, Avalanche, and Montopolis / Bastrop continue to produce in large, massy clumps. We have our first allium flowers. We're seeing our first Geranium narcissi, in what seems to be a new place. There's a clump of leucojum and there seem to be more 'jums on the way. We're seeing more fancy anemones, some pea blossoms, and more hyacinths, mostly light pink. There are a few April Tears appearing for the first time this year. For the first time in several years, it appears that we're going to have single jonquils. The first one is out today. Some years we have no flowers on these, or even buds; other years, there are buds but they blast and don't produce flowers. These are great favorites of ours, and the sharp yellow is at its best under subdued light.


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