Friday, December 07, 2007

Since 1936

So says the label. But no more. There really was a Carroll Reed. And of course there were Carroll Reed shops. One of my favorite, favorite items of cold-weather gear, brought out again during the recent cold snap, is a 100% cotton turtleneck from Carroll Reed. The knit is very fine, so it fits well under any other garment and really works well where there's no central heating. How old must it be? It can be no newer than 1996, according to this little nutshell history of the Carroll Reed retail and mail-order enterprise. I'm surprised that I've never ruin across this Brandland blog before; I'll be checking in often. My clothes sometimes meet with serious accidents (snagging and tearing on a thorn, for example) but they almost never wear out, even my favorites, although they may, and do, with the passage of time, go out of style. If only I'd bought lots and lots of Carroll Reed turtlenecks back when I could.


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